September Meeting Agenda

TU Chapter 589

Meeting Agenda



Date: 9/10/19

Time: 7-9pm

Location: DSR Welcome Center, 301 County Route 5 Pulaski NY 13142



Agenda Items:


  1. Welcome Back
  2. Guest Speaker: Walt Geryk –The Spey Doctor- Spey casting instruction
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Tug Hill Brook Trout Survey – Project Update
  5. Mad River Wind Farm – Status Update
  6. Project Healing Waters, Mexico Chapter Monthly Programs Review
  7. Trout in the Classroom – Project Update
  8. TU Kids Summer Camp – Review
  9. Call to action Items
  10. Spey Nation Review



  1. Next meeting October 8th, 2019 DSR Welcome Center 7-9pm
  2. Fall TU State Council Meeting at Tailwaters on November 23.
  3. Meetings will be cancelled per the Pulaski School District’s closing schedule including the after school activities closing schedule. Follow for updates
  4. Record your volunteer hours each month for an end of year total. Chapter meetings and your drive to and from all count!